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Ebeneezer and Guinness

I hope you remember us up in Brooklyn, NY!  Our dog Ebeneezer is so wonderful. We just wanted to let you know he is doing very well.  He is quite a charmer and we can't go anywhere without everyone on the street noticing him.  I also wanted
to say that there are many dachshunds in our area and we have never seen one that is as healthy as Ebeneezer.  He is a very healthy dog with lots of personality.  Anyway, thank you and we are so happy with him! 

Scott &  Anna Furr

* Guinness was added to the Furr family a year later *


Liz with Derby and Barkley
Derby by China and Barkley by Boogy

My two boys have brought me nothing but joy since we got them from Shadowridge Farms. They are a constant form of kids would rather watch the pups than the television! They love being with us, and we pretty much take them wherever we go, and they always make everyone smile...Thanks, Tammy, for bringing these two happy and healthy guys into our lives. 

Fondly, The Gustavson Family

**we want another!!



A HUGE THANK YOU FOR the wonderful little pup, Gracie!!! Everyone just
loves her and she is really a good dog. She absolutely loves children and is well socialized!!! I can tell all the time and effort that you must put into your pups before selling them. I am very, very pleased with Gracie, and so thankful for all that you have done!!! When people around here see here, they all exclaim, "I never saw a dachshund that looked like that before, WHERE DID YOU GET HER?" And of course I have been telling them all about your Shadow Ridge Farms. Gracie already had very successful visits to the Vet for her shots etc. The Vet, who is very good, said that she liked the way you had kept the medical records for your dogs. She was impressed. She also thinks that Gracie is a great dog!!! I will email more later on. PLEASE keep in touch!! I am planning on buying another pup from you in probably one year. THANKS again for Gracie!!! Talk to you soon, Pat


Ginger by Gabby & Oakley

 Hi! Ginger was definitely worth it and much more! We absolutely ADORE
her... she is such a sweetheart. She's a goofy, playful little girl
and I could not be more happy with her. Can't wait to watch her grow
up... and eventually have gorgeous babies for us! Next time I'm ready
for another doxie (in a couple years!), I know where to look first.
Thanks for producing such wonderful doxies, your babies are worth every

Take care,



Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to write and let you know how much we are enjoying Daisy. She is one of the sweetest dogs and makes us laugh everyday. We have finally been able to house train her. For a while there, when she had an accident, she would dance around it and it seemed like she was trying to tell us to clean it up fast. LOL
Right now her favorite toys are the ones with the plastic bottles inside. She never tires of making them crunch. And then there is her squeaky ball. She has us trained now! We throw the ball and she gets it and plays like it's a scocer ball by kicking it under a table. Of course she can't reach it so we then have to get up and get it from where ever she has stuffed it. Our cat Maxx and Daisy are best buddies. Maxx shows her where the moles are in the yard and Daisy digs them up. Quite a tag team. Maxx is very protective of Daisy. If another dog is too rough or acting aggressive, Maxx takes care of the situation.
She has so much personality and everyone who meets her loves her.
Thanks so much for such a loving puppy. If anyone ever needs a reference, we would be more than happy to share our experience.


Hello Tammy & family! Happy Holidays. I just wanted to let you know that I am 200% beyond satisfied with Briley. He is an excellent companion, filled with tons of kisses and bringing lots of joy. He fits in well with the WHOLE family. Everywhere we go people comment that he is the cutest little dachshund they've ever seen and that they love his golden coat! He is lightening up beautifully. I attached some photos for you to see. Thank you for our precious baby!

Stacy & family


Earnie by Buddy and Freckles


Of all the breeders that I have spoken too over the past 8 months you have stood out from all of them.  You have helped me tremendously in getting my breeding program started.  You have always been there to answer my questions and always have offered to assist me in any way that you can. Earnie Dale, my longhaired Chocolate and Tan, that I purchased from you back in October is going to be the backbone of my breeding program.  He came out of Freckles and Buddy and is a spitting image of his father.   His personality is greatest, he is very loveable and just simply melts everyone that has seen him. Thanks again for all of your help in getting me started and most importantly....THANK YOU for EARNIE!   He is the greatest.
Scott and Kim Ginn



Hallie just loves her new home. She weighs 4 lbs now and really likes to snuggle. You were right she is full of vim and vigor. Her and her brother love to chase each other all over the house. She has the best personality of any dachshund we have ever had. We just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennie Rummells


Bella ( by Scooter and Wilma )

Thank you so much for our Bella. She is an endless source of amusement and bullies her sister, Maggie, whenever they are together. She is very much the little diva, but we adore her. She is so good with Scott's children.  I have to say our biggest problem is that everyone that meets her wants to keep her.  I've attached a picture from last night. She may look like a Japanese tourist with a camera around her neck, but I swear she caught onto the new fence in two days. Scott is interested in getting a sister for her sometime this year.  He's not sure what color he wants, but he knows he wants a short haired female.   Again, thank you so much. She is the love of my life.


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